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What is aerotoxic syndrome and how to treat it?

Dr. Mariano Bueno was the only Spanish expert participating in the 2023 Aircraft Cabin Conference, an international online event dedicated to presenting the latest findings on the health consequences of polluted air in flights that cause sick leave for cabin crew.

In his speech, Dr. Bueno explained the sources of environmental pollution in aeroplanes, the symptoms suffered by those affected and the treatment using Inuspheresis©, as the most innovative and effective treatment for this pathology.

Aerotoxic syndrome is a chronic systemic and inflammatory pathology and is triggered by a combination of pollutants that only occurs in aircraft. It mainly affects flight crews and can have very serious health consequences.

Sources of pollution

The air we breathe in aeroplanes usually comes from the air drained from the aeroplane's engine and is loaded with many toxic substances that intoxicate us progressively and, when accumulated at a certain level, produce this Toxic Syndrome.

Insecticides, which according to current regulations must be applied in the aircraft cabin after landing, are an additional source of this contamination.

Substances released when the plastic linings of the aircraft cabin heat up are also pollutants, and the bacteria and viruses that hide behind the panels should not be underestimated.

Most common symptoms of aerotoxic syndrome

Fatigue, muscle and/or joint pain, personality changes, depression and sleep disturbances are the most frequent symptoms detected in recent years in patients seen at Biosalud.

Other symptoms are related to neurological problems, concentration problems and even respiratory symptoms.

Finally, there are patients who also show gastrointestinal pain.

Complex toxic exposure

Exposure to harmful substances in aerotoxic syndrome is very complex and goes beyond organophosphate contamination.

Biosalud's experience over the last three years shows high concentrations of pesticides, intestinal toxicants and solvents, among other substances.

All these substances have in common:

  • They are neurotoxic
  • Benzene solvents are also immunotoxic and carcinogenic.
  • Pesticides are highly fat-soluble, highly toxic in their radical formation and neuroimmunotoxic.
  • Intestinal toxins are fat-soluble and therefore highly neurotoxic.

In addition, high levels of aluminium, cobalt and zinc are found in all exposed patients.

Inuspeheris©treatment of choice

Alongside industry efforts to reduce and prevent environmental toxicity in aircraft, it should be noted that the treatment of choice to successfully address the aerotoxic syndrome is the  Inuspeheresis©.

This Biosalud treatment completely cleans the affected tissues of all these chemical substances. To find out more, we recommend that you contact our clinics on 976 22 11 33 or 910 88 62 92.





Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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