Clinical analyses

Diagnostic tests to further investigate the causes of diseases

Biohealth in your home

Safe and effective diagnostic tests and analyses

At Biosalud Day Hospital we have developed a department of analysis and diagnostic tests that allows us to to look more deeply into the causes of the diseases of our patients. We work in collaboration with laboratories around the world and have developed specific tests for those pathologies for which conventional medicine does not obtain conclusive results.

At Biosalud en Casa we think about the people who want to confirm or rule out the presence of a disease and know the state of their organism before starting a medical treatment, or wish to assess a second medical opinion. With our test kits, we facilitate the collection of samples at home and send the results as a first step to a biological medicine treatment in our speciality centre.

Our clinical analyses

CORTISOL - stress assessment


Analysis of NAGALASA

GUTCHECK Heces con parásitos

GUTCHECK Faeces complete

Food allergies BASIC IgE

Food allergies IgE ADVANCED

Analysis of MELATONIN



Complete analysis of hormones in saliva

Complete analysis of hormones in saliva

BORRELIA DNA F urine/blood test

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