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Detox treatment in Zaragoza

Centre for diagnosis and treatment in Anti-Ageing Medicine

What is Ageing?

Ageing is a physiological process of deterioration of the body's functions, organs and tissues that occurs naturally with the passage of time, and is related to genetics and lifestyle habits. This process, however, can occur prematurely, affecting our quality of life. In order to preventing diseases associated with ageing and live fully, in Biosalud Day Hospital we develop treatments for integrative medicine with personalised protocols.

European Reference Centre for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme disease

Who is anti-ageing medicine for?

The personalised treatments of Anti-Ageing Medicine are aimed at individuals over 35 years old concerned with disease prevention or those interested in improve their physical, mental and sexual activity. It is also recommended for people who lead an intense pace of life and need to maintain and improve their physical and intellectual faculties, as well as for all those who wish to prolong their active life.

Pathological and chronological ageing. Telomere analysis

At Biosalud Day Hospital, we have the equipment and technology necessary to determining biological age and analyse whether it corresponds to chronological ageing or is a manifestation of pathological ageing.. One of the most accurate tests to analyse ageing is the measurement of telomeres using the telomere measurement method. Telomere analysis. Telomeres are the ends of DNA strands that shorten as cells divide. When they reach a certain length, cells stop dividing and die. If we detect an excessive shortening of telomeres, we can conclude that the life cycle of cells is coming to an end.

Anti-ageing treatments in Biosalud

Once the results of the different tests had been obtained, we designed a personalised biological medicine treatment aimed at either preventing ageing or slowing it down and combating its effects, taking into account the body's detoxification and anti-stress protocols. At Biosalud we have a wide range of techniques that we combine in our treatments: INUSpheresis®, ozone therapyPersonalised serum therapy, immunoregulation, neural therapy, adaptive neuromodulation therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, liposome therapy, neurovegetative injection therapy, molecular regulation therapy, specific personalised diet therapy. The treatments are carried out in our facilities and at home, with guidelines for following an appropriate diet according to the genetic load of each patient. The INUSpheresis® treatment is especially indicated for its capacity to free the organism from the cumulative toxicity loads.

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