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Chronic Fatigue

Reference centre for the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What is chronic fatigue?

The chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that manifests itself as a excessive and prolonged fatigue. This sensation may vary throughout the day and with different intensity depending on the patient, but it may even prevent them from getting out of bed. It also occurs with muscle aches or headaches and is characterised by persistence and lack of relief over long periods of time.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we have the best chronic fatigue syndrome physicians and we have the most advanced techniques for causal diagnosis and treatment. The customised protocols for integrative and biological medicine for our patients combine therapies in our centre, such as serotherapy, cryoelectrophoresis or focal magnetotherapy, among others, and a few home care guidelines.

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Causes of chronic fatigue

The specific cause of chronic fatigue caused by chronic fatigue syndrome is currently unknown.although is linked to a viral infection: Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or herpes virus type 6 (HHV-6). The first is the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a very common virus that affects mucous membranes such as the eyes, mouth, respiratory tract, genitals and anus.

The second is herpesvirus type 6 (HHV-6). Infection with this virus in childhood is usually asymptomatic, but in adults it can become complicated, sometimes causing hepatitis or encephalitis. Age, stress, genetics and environmental factors also play a role in the onset of the disease.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

The The main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is persistent tiredness, even after rest, which limits everyday activities. This fatigue can last for more than 24 hours after exercise as it worsens with physical and intellectual activity.

It also presents with a feeling of heaviness in the arms and legs, headache and fever, sore throat, hypertension or difficulty in thinking clearly, as well as forgetfulness, insomnia or depression.

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

At Biosalud Day Hospital we design biological medicine treatments and natural therapies such as phytotherapy -Phsysicalm -, spagyric and orthomolecular medicine, serotherapy with vitamins, oligotherapy, minerals, amino acids, homeopathic medicines.

In addition, through dietetics and nutrition, home treatment for chronic fatigue is complemented by recommended foods - fresh fruits, vegetables, broths, juices, vegetables, sprouts, fibre-rich foods, oily fish - and forbidden foods - animal fats, sausages, coffee, alcohol, sugar, sweets and processed foods.

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