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Body and molecular hyperthermia

High-tech for health

What is Hyperthermia?

The main effect of hyperthermia is the vasodilation. As the local tissue heats up, the blood flow transports oxygen and nutrients more efficiently and, at the same time, intensifies the elimination of toxins and cellular debris.

At Biosalud Day Hospital We have two types of hyperthermia, both of the latest generation: a body hyperthermia bed, and molecular hyperthermia.

How Hyperthermia works

Increasing the body's temperature boosts the body's defensive capacity. Hyperthermia artificially raises body heator a specific area of the body, at around 39 degrees, creating an ideal environment to improve blood flow to areas affected by an infectious, inflammatory or cancerous process.

In fact, this therapeutic technique is one of the best allies in the complementary treatment of cancer and cancer-related diseases. Lyme disease.

Hyperthermia Treatments

Hyperthermia technology is one of the most effective in the complementary treatments for cancer that we develop at Biosalud. The increase in body temperature favours the chemotherapy detects and reaches the cancer cells in greater quantitiesas they are very sensitive to heat.

It enhances the anti-tumour immune response as the lymphocytes intensify their effectiveness by triggering cell apoptosis and shrinking the tumour. In addition, this procedure helps to eliminate the toxicity of the chemotherapy itself.

Types of Hyperthermia

What is Body Hyperthermia?

At Biosalud we have a unique body hyperthermia bed in Spain. This equipment allows us to raise the body temperature in a controlled manner throughout the body. It allows the blood to carry a greater volume of oxygen to the cells and is very effective in the treatment of infectious and chronic illnesses, especially cancer and Lyme disease. We also use hyperthermia as a part of the INUSpheresis® treatments because of its great capacity to mobilise toxins.

What is Molecular Hyperthermia?

Molecular hyperthermia is a highly advanced technique, exclusive to Biosalud, indicated for the treatment of thyroid nodules, inflammatory processes of joints (such as rheumatoid arthritis), muscles and tendons, local pain in any area of the locomotor system, inflammation, benign tumours of any location and malignant tumours in combination with intravenous anti-tumour treatments. The efficacy of the technique is high and the treatment is comfortable for the patient as the increase in temperature is produced inside the organism.

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