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Will the Covid-19 vaccine be the solution we are waiting for?

Vaccination in a child

2020 will be remembered as the year that changed our lives, or at least the way we can go out and enjoy our leisure time. Every country is waiting for a vaccine to be developed that will reduce the risk and allow us to return to a normal life. And there is already a lot of research at an advanced stage.

The vaccine against Covid-19 is the great hope around the world; a formula that will allow us to live normally, without fear of contagion or sequelae, and to recover our activity. For the moment, in the absence of a vaccine to achieve immunity to the coronavirus, governments have opted to use the prevention and the use of the masks and the social distance.

Research in Spain

The entire research sector has been working to achieve a vaccine to be effective. Thus, six research approaches have been the most talked-about in recent months and propose different ways of attacking the virus in different ways. If all goes well, all could prove effective. These are Potential effective antivirals are:

- Attenuated variant of smallpox virus. This variant was used to eradicate smallpox and has been modified with SARS-CoV-2 protein-coding genes to induce efficient immune system responses to SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19.

- Use of the recombinant DNA technique. Induction of the S protein in mammalian cells has been successful and is intended to inject the organism with sufficient protection against coronavirus.

- RNA replicons. These replicons derived from the SARS-CoV-2 genome itself are intended to remove the harmful parts of the virus and retain those that aid immunisation.

- Recombinant smallpox vaccine virus. Using the MVA strain, two SARS-CoV-2 genes are inserted to test the response of both cells and antibodies.

- Development of lentiviruses from HIV. They are tools that allow the introduction of genes into cells using HIV information, but swapping the data for SARS-CoV-2 components to determine their response.

This research is proving to be successful as experts have indicated that the vaccination solution is likely to come in the near future. at the end of the year if all goes according to plan.

How should the covid-19 vaccine be administered?

Another question that the whole of society is asking is how this anti-virus is going to be applied. Some say that the elderly, because of their vulnerability, should have priority access. Meanwhile, other sectors, such as the health and public sectors, are also demanding their right to vaccination when it is ready.

The Spanish government claims that it is negotiating a large volume purchase of vaccines for there to be a equitable access to dose. However, the first thing we believe we must consider is that the vaccines are safe and this is what should determine the subsequent vaccination schedule.

What is the scenario they can lead us to covid-19 vaccines? In addition to creating safe vaccines, the doses provided should be effective and ensure lasting immunity, or at least make the body more resistant to the coronavirus.

In the meantime, as always at Biosalud we recommend prevention: hand hygiene, social distance and masks. In addition, you can prevent with health habits that strengthen your immune system, such as these that we propose to you and making sure that you are not asymptomatic carrier of the virus with appropriate tests such as those of Biosalud Analyses. 


Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

8 thoughts on “¿Será la vacuna de la Covid-19 la solución que estamos esperando?”

  1. Hello! I can't believe that a biological medicine clinic like yours is advocating a genetically modified vaccine as the only solution, when the solution would be herd immunity and trying to boost the immune system, taking into account that most of the "positives" are "asymptomatic" rather than sick. And like you, you may believe that a vaccine made in a few months can be safe, when it takes years of testing. I have not seen that the flu vaccine given every year has killed the flu. Best regards.

    • Good afternoon, thank you for your comment. This is a general information blog about issues that we consider of general interest but in no case does it constitute a recommendation on treatment, which should only be made within a therapeutic relationship, in no case does it replace a medical consultation. In this article we present the current lines of research without evaluating anything as we do not know the results of any of these investigations or the disease in depth. Regards

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