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Biosalud, certified innovation for Lyme disease


The Agencia de Certificación en Innovación en España has accredited that the project Development of a new method for the diagnosis and treatment of the chronic Lyme disease that we are carrying out at Biosalud Day Hospital, will be a global milestone in the fight against Lyme disease.

With this recognition, it once again endorses the seal of Innovative SME granted by the Directorate General for Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, which is in force for Biosalud Day Hospital.

The specialisation we have achieved around the treatment of Lyme disease has been possible thanks to study, research and investment in different diagnostic and treatment techniques. This has led us to develop effective protocols and therapies that are helping patients all over the world. Now, with this certificate awarded to our research programme, we have an important endorsement of the pioneering character of Biosalud Day Hospital.

Our aim has always been to offer valid solutions to patients in the following areas Lyme in Spain and international organisations in the face of a heterogeneity of proposals and criteria in diagnosis and treatment which, while confronting each other, do not advance to improve medicine.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we propose a unified goal of developing and validating diagnostic systems and treatments for Lyme disease with the aim of to prevent the chronic infection process of Borrelia burgdorferi in order to therapeutically prevent the progression of the disease in humans.

The Innovation Certification Agency in Spain is an independent body that considers that we can obtain novel knowledge that can be used for the development of reliable and effective therapeutic diagnostic systems based on new techniques or molecules. Furthermore, it considers that the systems selected, the techniques and molecules analysed and the models used make real clinical sense.

The project we have submitted is based on research and development of diagnostic systems and treatments for chronic Lyme disease. The Agency assesses our proposal to the absence of these means in current clinical practice, as well as the originality of our therapeutic approach.

The two lines of research we are developing follow one another. On the one hand, we are working on diagnostic techniques that do not yet have a specific technological development, such as research into the quantification in blood of nagalase, an enzyme produced by borrelia bugdorferi. This field aims to generate new knowledge in the field of infectious and regenerative medicine.

The agency's report further notes that our approach, including the determination of phospholipase A2 activity in urine, may be of particular novelty as a specific marker of central nervous system inflammation.

The The proposed research also includes our protocols for treatment of Lyme in four stagesThe following are some of the most important aspects of the treatment: initiation of therapy, shock treatment, home treatment and response assessment.

The objective novelty is the new therapeutic approach through the development of new formulations derived from various antibiotics in such a way that a new approach to treatment is found. new dosage form that is valid for the antibiotics currently shown to be most effective in Lyme. Specifically, the innovation that we are introducing in this respect is the application of a liposome technique which has not been used for continuous antibiotic treatment so far. This type of treatment will allow us to increase the cure rate, reduce or completely eliminate side effects without losing effectiveness, and prevent the infection from easily crossing the blood-brain barrier.

This research project is developed in collaboration with Phytoesp, a technology company " and which has submitted our protocol for this innovation certificate.

For Biosalud Day Hospital, this certification is an important endorsement as it recognises that our centre, with the collaboration of Phytoesp, is investing in order to progress in the treatment of Lyme Chronic and to make up for a lack of uniform and effective criteria at the global level.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we had already obtained this certificate as an innovative company for our research and protocols in the treatment of candidiasis and we were awarded the Empresa PYME Innovadora seal of approval from the Spanish Ministry of Industry. 

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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