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Which diseases can INUSpheresis® therapeutic apheresis help with?


The therapeutic apheresis INUSpheresis® is a registered and patented therapeutic method that takes a step further to the therapeutic apheresis. In the following text, we will explain the advantages of this novel technique that is already a milestone in the history of modern medicine.

The INUSpheresis® makes use of the latest technology to complete an extracorporeal circulation in which it purifies the blood by filtering out pathogenic elements and other pollutants, e.g. dangerous heavy metals. If this filtering process is not carried out, these exogenous particles remain in contact with our cells and this can lead to serious diseases in the future.

To carry out this medical procedure requires highly trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities, two aspects that are present at Biosalud Day Hospital. The advantages of the INUSpheresis® are so noticeable that we believe that this method, although it requires an investment of time and resources, is an innovation that we must support. Numerous clinical studies support its benefits for the patient's health and this is our primary objective.

What does INUSpheresis® eliminate?

In the process of double plasma filtration by means of a smart membrane inflammatory cytokines and proteins, defective proteins, immune complexes and immunoglobins, mycotoxins, heavy metals, chemicals, excess cholesterol, virus residues, etc. are removed from the bloodstream. A whole host of elements that we do not want to remain in the human body.

The eluate or filtrate concentrates all those substances filtered out of the patient's body, substances that could have caused numerous diseases in the medium and long term.

Benefits of the INUSpheresis®

Below, we list up to six benefits of this high-tech procedure, which has enabled us to make great strides in the fight against autoimmune diseases and others pathologies emissions from environmental apheresis.

  • It helps to eliminate all those substances that are all around us in this industrial society, which abounds in the environmental pollutionespecially in medium and large cities, or in areas close to production sites.
  • It is a highly recommended technique for the treatment of chronic Lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritisthe Hashimoto's thyroiditisthe multiple sclerosisthe lupus erythematosusThe disease is also associated with polyneuropathies, scleroderma and psoriasis, among many other pathologies.

It is very well tolerated by patients and this has resulted in a figure to report: 25,000 successful treatments by the INUS scientific team.

  • More than two decades of experience and frequent use of this medical treatment The use of these products in the fight against autoimmune diseases is supported.
  • Clear improvement in the symptomatology of the vast majority of patients treated with INUSpheresis®.
  • It is possible to analyse the eluate or liquid filtered in the process a posteriori in order to find the substances that may have caused the patient's health problems. As a result, the treatment of the subsequent illness can be tailor-made according to the original cause of the ailment. This such a specific diagnosis exponentially increases the chances of success.

If you want to enjoy all the advantages of INUSpheresis®, we are waiting for you at Biosalud Day Hospital. We are experts in this medical treatment and we are also the only clinic in Spain where the INUSpheresis® treatment can be performed.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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