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Prevention tips against tick bites


Spring, good weather and high daytime temperatures are arriving, and with it comes an increase in excursions to the natural environment, walks in the countryside and in the forest. According to studies by the United States Environmental Protection AgencyThese are the preferred habitats for the ticks. This tiny arachnid is dangerous because it can transmit numerous diseases with its bite, such as the one that causes Borrelia bacteria burgdorferi: the Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

The Lyme disease is divided into three different stages the Early Lyme, on Early disseminated Lyme disease and the Chronic Lyme.

The Early Lyme The disease begins to manifest itself almost immediately, or at the latest within weeks after the tick bite. If the disease is detected at this time, the appropriate treatment is a novel system of antibiotics with minimal side effects.

Symptoms of early-stage Lyme disease include the following feverthe discomfort and the headacheas well as muscle aches, chills and discomfort in the joints.

On a second step is the Early disseminated Lyme diseasewithout any visible symptoms at first, the bacteria borrelia It travels through our bloodstream, spreading throughout our body.

Subsequently, a peculiar symptomatology appears, which is related to this stage, and is the weakness, the arrhythmias, chest pain, breathing problems y paralysis of facial muscles.

Finally, we have the Chronic Lyme which is very difficult to diagnose, as it appears even years after the bite, and there is therefore no visible cause-effect relationship with the tick bite, which has been forgotten by the passage of time or simply ignored from the outset. The consequences of the Chronic Lyme can be irreparable and range from joint inflammation y extreme fatigue, a neurological symptoms as uncoordinated movements and psychiatric problemsthrough cardiac problems, amnesia, neuralgias y concentration problems.

In fact, Lyme disease is known as the great mimic because it is a specialist in replicating symptomatology patterns such as those caused by diseases such as ALS, the multiple sclerosisthe fibromyalgia or the chronic fatigueThis makes it difficult to diagnose and confusing for doctors who have no experience in this pathology.

All these problems can be avoided thanks to the early detection of Lyme diseaseFor this it is essential to detect both Lyme disease and co-infections associated with a tick bite. Here it is vital to avoid false negatives. This is the only way to avoid chronification and gradual deterioration.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we are experts in testing the LymeCHECKa exclusive test of our brand that consists of specific complementary tests, with the aim of detecting other co-infections not detected in traditional tests. In addition to ruling out Borrelia infection, it is important to detect possible co-infections such as Coxsackie, Bartonella, Babesia, Rickettsia, Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydia pneumoniae or Mycoplasma.

This LymeCHECK® test for Lyme disease can be carried out at home, with all the guarantees.

Tips on how to avoid bites from these blood-sucking arachnids

  • Use tick repellentThe aim is to keep them away. A few drops of repellent should be placed on the limbs, especially on the lower limbs, which are in contact with shrubs and plants. There are generic insect repellents that are also useful for repelling ticks.
  • Avoidance of tick habitats is also essential. Do not visit rural areasThe rabbit population is concentrated in the countryside or suburban areas inhabited by rabbits. It is in these places that these haematophagous bugs proliferate. Also meadows where cattle have grazed or in transhumance areas you can find these undesirable bugs.
  • If you are a nature lover and need to hike, don't stray from the path as a preventive measure, because they tend to hide in vegetation.
  • Wearing light clothing that covers the skin is a good way to prevent bites: long-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved boots, long sleeved boots, long sleeves, long sleeves, long sleeves. trekking, long trousers, etc. If possible, it is best to wear beige or white clothesThis makes it easier to detect these parasites quickly.

Pathologies that can be caused by tick bites

In addition to Lyme disease, which we have already discussed in detail in this article, ticks also cause other diseases such as spotted fever and tularaemia. They are a vector of infections and pathologies and should not be taken lightly. tick bites as a trivial matter.

At Biosalud Day Hospital helps to detect and combat these diseases, with the aim of restoring the well-being of the patient's body and improving their quality of life.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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