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Biosalud Day Hospital celebrates its fifth anniversary

Biosalud medical equipment

Five years ago today we inaugurated a dream, Biosalud Day Hospital; the first integrative medicine day hospital in Spain. This state-of-the-art medical space has since welcomed patients from all over the world in a comfortable, first-class environment.

Our Medical Director, on Dr. Mariano Buenoin 1985 he set up his own medical centre, Biosalud, in 1985.. His innovative spirit and vocation to serve patients led him to explore areas of medicine with which to provide a more effective response to patients' health problems. Thus, from the beginning of his professional career, sought techniques complementary to those of conventional medicine to improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Specialised in rheumatology, throughout his career Dr. Bueno has focused on the treatment of infectious and chronic diseasesespecially the more complex ones such as the Lyme disease.

Biosalud Day Hospital arose from the need to create a more comfortable environment for prolonged treatments, in addition to incorporate world-class technology to the treatments. Hyperthermia, ozone therapy or apheresis are techniques that make a big difference and are integrated into integrative medicine protocols as a complement to conventional treatment.

In these five years we have accompanied hundreds of patients and have continued to develop this dream, Biosalud Day Hospital.

In 2018 we open our facilities in MadridThe centre is a medical centre where we can monitor patients and apply the therapies, almost on the same level as in the Day Hospital.

In addition, we have developed medical protocols recognised by the Spanish Government for their innovation: our protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of candidiasis and our diagnostic protocol and treatment of Lyme diseasewith liposomal antibiotics that reduce the side effects of treatment. 

Our integrative approach is already recognisable in our diagnostic tests. At Biosalud Day Hospital we act on the origin of the disease and to this end we have created a analysis department with its own diagnostic tests and in collaboration with international laboratories.

In this sense, at Biosalud we have been pioneers in bringing patients the possibility of carrying out specific tests without leaving home. With our analysis kits, we provide our patients with all the materials to take the analysis samples at home. In this way, they can obtain valuable information that allows them to reach a proper diagnosis.

Since 1985, Biosalud has continued to grow and the launch of Biosalud Day Hospital was a major step forward in improving the quality of care. For more than 30 years, training and research have been at the centre of Dr. Mariano Bueno's activity. and so has been improving its strong clinical capacity.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we seek the most advanced techniques that science makes available to us at all times, even when they are far from the standards of conventional medicine, so often insufficient.

With this day hospital we have fulfilled one dream and we still have others to fulfil. We would like medicine to be oriented towards health promotion and less and less towards curing illnesses. As we say, "give life to your years and years to your life".




Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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  1. Thank you
    Please, is it possible to make an appointment for thyroid nodule treatment?
    I live in Colombia and I am willing to receive help from you.
    Thank you for your response.

    • Thank you for your interest in Biosalud Day Hospital. Our medical team will shortly send you an email to the contact address you indicated in the form with information about our treatments. Regards

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