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The holistic view of biological medicine

Holistic view of biological medicine

The specialisation of medicine offers great solutions to our health problems and is one of the great achievements of Western medicine. But sometimes this "compartmentalised" approach limits our possibilities to achieve full health.

Biological medicine is nowadays known as medicine that uses active substances from biological sources, such as stem cells or antibodies. Traditionally, however, the The definition has been much broader and focuses on the body's own recovery possibilities to get to the source of the disease.

At Biosalud Day Hospital, biological medicine allows us to apply non-invasive techniques compatible with conventional medicine, which we also apply, to achieve the best results. That is why, we call our approach Integrative Medicine. This is a philosophy of care that is widespread in other countries and focuses on individual care and patient accompaniment. It combines the best of conventional medicine and evidence-based medical therapies.

Moreover, by looking at the patient in a unique way, we take into account all aspects of their lives. Sometimes, there are pathologies that are related to diet and other habits sustained over time. On a day-to-day basis, we find people who normalise discomfort, feeling unwell or being in a low mood or even depressed. However, there are symptoms that may be hiding an illness or constitute a risk factor for suffering from them.

For the success of a treatment, we believe that it is essential that we analyse all the factors and know how to interpret medical tests or analyses, beyond the numbers. Listening to the patient is also key. Or we could say it IS THE KEY. Years of experience and medical records must serve to improve our care and acquire knowledge, and many treatments require personalisation. This is why we consider biological medicine, as we understand it, to be an attitude.

In Biosalud we invest in research, training and technology to develop pioneering and innovative new analytical tests and treatments such as our method of diagnosis and treatment for candidiasis o Lyme disease for which we have obtained the recognition of the Government of Spain.

What is the holistic view of medicine?

Doctors working with a holistic view approach treatment by taking into account the physiological, psychological, social and lifestyle aspects of patients. But the most characteristic feature of this approach is:

  • the importance given to the doctor-patient relationship
  • the patient involvement in the treatment
  • focuses on the person as a whole
  • makes use of the conventional medicine and disciplines to achieve optimal health and, where appropriate, healing.

There are different definitions of holistic medicine, many associated with so-called "pseudo-therapies" that are practised by people who do not have a recognised medical degree. As we see it at Biosalud Day Hospital, there are evidence-based treatments that can have very beneficial health effects, but let us not forget that the holistic view also encompasses conventional medicine, so effective for multiple ailments.

The US government's National Center for Integrative Health talks about "Whole person health". o "looking at the health of the person as a whole. In this sense they point out that it involves "helping people to improve and recover their health in different aspects: biological, behavioural (habits), social and environmental, rather than just treating the disease. It involves broadening the understanding of the connections between different aspects of health, including the connections between organs and different systems of the human body".

How should an integrative medicine specialist act? 

From the perspective of biological medicine and/or integrative medicine, the patient is at the centre but not as a passive subject of treatment. At Biosalud, we have patients committed to their healing, they are active agents of health.. And this can only be achieved if the patient is informed and knows the details and the "whys" of the treatment.

When a patient comes to an integrative medicine specialist with a health problem, a medical history is taken based on the patient's story and the medical evidence he or she can provide. Analysing this information, we propose a series of analytical tests that can give us greater clarity about the case. At Biosalud Day Hospital we look for the origin of the illness and we relate all the factors that we have in front of us in each case.

Once the tests have been carried out and the diagnosis has been made, we design a personalised treatment plan that allows us to establish objectives and guidelines adjusted to the characteristics of the patient. From our experience, If a patient is informed and understands his or her health condition, it is easier for him or her to follow treatment.

As we said, integrative medicine is an attitude We must not only listen to the patient, but also respect their decisions and clarify any doubts they may have when starting this type of treatment.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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