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INUSpheresis®: a new approach to the treatment of autoimmune diseases

INUSpheresis®: a new approach to the treatment of autoimmune diseases

At Biosalud Day Hospital We attach great importance to the use of the INUSpheresis® in the treatment of many pathologies. We believe that this purifying treatment allows remove elements such as heavy metalsThe use of aerosols, toxins, virus residues, etc. can prevent many diseases in the medium and long term.

In particular, the therapeutic apheresis is a very appropriate method for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and we are going to explain the benefits that this new apheresis system brings to the patient.

This high-tech technique is unique in the world and is carried out using a double plasma filtration by means of a smart membrane. In this process, inflammatory cytokines and proteins, defective proteins, mycotoxins, heavy metals, cholesterol and virus residues are removed. For this reason it is a very good method to prevent autoimmune diseases. All these pathogenic elements are concentrated in the eluate, which is the liquid resulting from the filtration and is analysed to find the substances responsible for the pathogenesis of the disease. autoimmune disease and the cause of the patient's health problems. Therefore, the first step in treating an autoimmune disease is to perform a therapeutic apheresis, in which we detect the source of the problem.

What is therapeutic apheresis treatment?

Therapeutic apheresis is indicated not only for autoimmune diseases but also for other ailments that have become chronic or have an unknown origin. As a clinic specialising in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, we recommend abnormalities of the immune system is to carry out an apheresis at the beginning of the treatment, because only in this way can the disease be diagnosed accurately and it is possible to detect with certainty what is causing this erroneous reaction of our organism.

The filtering process is carried out in our facilities, with professional and highly trained staff who have extensive experience in plasmapheresis. The patient is treated in a preferential manner, resolving their doubts and answering all their questions, with a very humane treatment and medical advice always in pursuit of their health. The cycle of INUSpheresis® consists of three days, a first initial filtering, a successive day in which intermediate body hyperthermia is carried out and toxin and harmful protein mobilisation sera are used, and a second filtering session on a third day.04

Therapeutic apheresis to treat autoimmune diseases

The list of autoimmune diseases for which we recommend a filtering process INUSpheresis® consists of the following pathologies:

For all of them, the starting point towards a cure is a therapeutic apheresis, which is why we always advise all our patients who come to our clinic and are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

INUSpheresis® can be carried out in the following areas Biosalud Day Hospital facilities after which the patient can return home or even take a trip, although driving a car or moped on the same day is not recommended.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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