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Support for Lyme patients

Support for Lyme patients

The Lyme disease is a pathology that occurs after a bite of a tick infected with the bacterium borrelia. Sometimes the body is unable to overcome the infection and the bacteria spread throughout the body. This disease has three distinct phases and a wide range of symptoms.

The quality of life of those affected is greatly diminished and we would therefore like to highlight the work carried out by the Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia Foundation - SOS LymeThe aim is to help all those who have to live with this condition and to guide them in their search for a better life for themselves and their families. effective treatments for Lyme disease.

This foundation has a mission, a vision, objectives and values that focus on the fight against Lyme, which are described below.

Mission, Vision and Values of the Foundation

The vision of the Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia Foundation - SOS Lyme is materialised by bringing new hope to all those who Lyme disease who suffer the consequences, pain and sequelae of this pathology. It is a non-profit organisation that invests efforts, time and economic funds in the research and dissemination of the aforementioned disease, and in the assistance of patients and their families.

The values of the Sos Lyme FoundationThe following are the members of the European Commission, made up of professionals from a wide range of sectors:

  • Commitment to use to the best of one's ability to help the patient and thus fulfil the mission of the institution.
  • The transparency The annual accounts, which allows all individuals and legal entities that decide to collaborate with Sos Lyme, to know precisely where their donations have been allocated and in which projects they have been used.

Objectives of the Sos Lyme Foundation

With regard to the institution's objectives, we highlight, among others:

  • The disease researchmainly Lyme, but also other types of pathologies of low incidence, with chronification or affecting the immune system.
  • Helping and support both the sick and their families.
  • Dissemination: Many of these ailments are not known outside the family circles of the affected person. It is important to bring it to the attention of the general public so that the political parties become aware, and the government invests the necessary capital.
  • Prevent future ailmentsThe aim is to raise awareness of healthy habits and encourage early attention to any related symptoms.
  • Cooperate with both government and private entities to form synergies and achieve objectives more easily and quickly.
  • Aid in the field of legal defence to enable patients and their relatives to effectively exercise their rights vis-à-vis the administration and the rest of society.
  • And last but not least, the most important objective, improving patients' life expectancy and quality of life of one of these rare diseases, including Lyme.
Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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