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Typical summer health problems

Typical summer health problems

The summer season is upon us and, although it is an ideal time to enjoy the natural environment, we are also exposed to all kinds of dangers. For example, when we go to the beach we must be cautious and use the optimum sun protection for our skin type.

The solar overexposure can have long-term consequences because the epidermis has a memory. It is not healthy to sunbathe for long hours, so try to alternate it with breaks in shady areas and combat it with a constant hydration.

Danger of ticks on nature trips

Ticks are our greatest enemy in the forest. These arachnids feed on our blood and their bite can transmit diseases and infections of all kinds.

At BioSalud Day Hospital, we are experts in the treatment of Lyme diseasewhich is one of the tick-borne diseases.

With the arrival of the good weather, tick populations proliferate in the most humid areas of mountains and hills. The slopes of shady areas and wooded areas are the preferred ecosystem for this arachnid, which keeps itself hidden among the vegetation and takes advantage of the slightest misdirection of the host to attach itself to it.

They usually itch in areas where visibility is poor, such as the upper thigh or the nape of the neck, and thus avoid being discovered early. In the following weeks, the affected area should be monitored because they may appear in the following weeks. reddish spots all aroundwhich are the first indication that the tick was infected with Lyme disease. If this happens, we must go to a medical centre as soon as possible to begin treatment to minimise the spread of the bacteria in our body.

How we treat LYME disease in our clinic

For the treatment of Lyme diseaseIn addition, we recommend a better treatment that includes the INUSpheresis®which is a filtering process that eliminates the remains of viruses, toxic substances such as heavy metals that circulate in our blood and allows our organism to be freed of toxins after two sessions. It is carried out in the facilities of BioHealth Day Hospital, equipped with a patented system and with all the guarantees.

The Lyme disease is caused by infection with Borrelia bacteria and has a wide range of non-specific symptoms associated with it, making diagnosis very difficult. There are several stages of Lyme: Early Lyme, disseminated Lyme and late Lyme. To avoid its effects and sequelae, it is essential to detect it as early as possible and start treatment.

At BioHealth Day Hospital we opt for an innovative natural anti-infective treatment or for an alternative treatment of biological medicine. In some cases, we even opt for a combination of both. The most important thing is to analyse the patient's progress afterwards and to follow up with subsequent blood tests. With these reports we determine the best way to continue the treatment. treatment for Lyme disease.

To enjoy a summer to the fullest you need to pay a little attention to your health. Health comes first and no one will take better care of us than ourselves. Even so, if something goes wrong, at BioSalud Day Hospital we will help you to recover it in the shortest possible time and with a humane and very professional treatment.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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