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Dr. Mariano Bueno, a benchmark in the sector

Dr. Mariano Bueno, a benchmark in the sector

The Dr. Mariano Bueno has been working in one of the most demanding professional sectors for more than 35 years. Continuous recycling and ongoing training are two unavoidable premises in the field of medicine. Dr. Bueno has specialised in the application of new technologies to treatments and has specialised in diseases such as Lyme, autoimmune diseases and in curative therapies without the use of antibiotics, thus avoiding adverse effects. Another facet to be highlighted is its treatments implementing innovative methods such as INUSpheresis®.

He is the founder and current director of Biosalud Day Hospital. He was educated at the University of Zaragoza, graduating in Medicine and Surgery in 1983 and with a degree in Pharmacy at the Alfonso X El Sabio University in 2013. It should also be noted that he holds a Master's degree in biological medicine and anti-ageing and a Master's degree in rheumatology and medical diseases of the locomotor systemr. He is also a director and scientific advisor to medical societies and companies all over Europe: Rome, Genoa, Vienna, etc.

Positive feedback from patients about Dr. Mariano Bueno

On the Internet, patients grateful for Dr. Bueno's diagnosis and dedication, have left many positive ratings and here you have a small sample of them.

"In my opinion, Dr. Bueno is one of the greatest Lyme disease experts. I took my daughter to him, who had been suffering from chronic fatigue for some years and he diagnosed her with Lyme. After 4 weeks of treatment he made fantastic progress. She feels so much better after therapy, and had tried other doctors with no experience. Thank you very much Dr Bueno. (translated from English). 5 stars, William.

"I am very grateful for the help of Dr. Mariano and his team in my recovery process from Lyme disease. From the very first moment, they were there for me at 100%, helping me and fighting to get a good diagnosis that would put an end to all the symptoms of Lyme disease. muscle aches and pains I am a pianist and thanks to Mariano, after two years without being able to play anything, I am able to return to my normal activity. I can never thank him enough for everything he has done for me. Thank you." 5 stars, Marta.

"I have tried more than 10 different doctors for the multiple sclerosis and none of them were getting better. Here I found a doctor who did a lot of tests and the treatment is working". 5 stars, Servando.

"I recommend them !!!! I am being treated with them for Chronic Lyme, but in addition I have been diagnosed with Intestinal Candidiasis, permeable bowel, Helicobacter pylori, dysbiosis, heavy metal poisoning and other things. None of that was found in the Social Security and thanks to them I am now completely free of Lyme, for which I have very little time left. They made the most difficult part of the treatment more bearable and I have very good memories of them. Thank you all for everything." 5 stars, Diva.

Evolution of Biosalud Day Hospital clinics in Zaragoza and Madrid

In these medical speciality centres and day hospitalthe professionals are equipped with advanced technology and instrumentation for the development of various treatments within the biological and integrative medicine.

Over the years we have incorporated units specialising in regenerative medicine, autoimmune diseasesThe unit is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of chronic and infectious diseases, cancer treatments, among others. It is worth mentioning the unit dedicated exclusively to treatment of Lyme disease.

The maxim of Biosalud Day Hospital is to find the cure wherever possible, and that is the direction we will be focusing all our efforts in the years to come.20

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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