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Support for Lyme patients

SOS Lyme

The SOS Lyme Foundation was created to support people with Lyme disease and to raise awareness of this pathology in society.

Spain is one of the countries in which there is the lowest knowledge about the Lyme disease. Many people, especially those who are in contact with nature on a regular basis, consider the presence of ticks to be normal and simply remove them. We are not aware of the danger of a tick bite.

But these deficiencies are not only found in the general population, but also in the medical environment. Lyme percocious, which can be detected by associating the bite with the erythema migrans or immediate fever, is treated with antibiotics. Further, early disseminated Lyme or early disseminated Lyme Chronic Lymeare rarely detected in time.

The consequences of this lack of knowledge are terrible for patients as lyme is an infection that progresses through the body and lies dormant until it becomes active, even years after the bite, and manifests itself as a very serious disease.

The Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia Foundation - SOS Lyme was born with the intention of to build a society in which people with Lyme disease are supported and accommodated and other chronic diseases that are under-diagnosed or inadequately addressed.

This Foundation wants to actively promote and participate in research activities, support care projects and disseminate different contents on Lyme disease.. Dissemination is the objective that has already been set in motion with the publication of its website, Among the contents, a series of interviews with Lyme sufferers has been published.

The experiences of people with Lyme are a very valuable testimony for those people who, even without diagnosis, are going through a process of failed diagnoses and a bad evolution of their symptomatology.

Among the values that guide the SOS Lyme FoundationThe company's mission is based on independence, commitment and transparency. In their way of acting they want to follow the principles of Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia, a rheumatology specialist who kept an open mind throughout his professional career, was an innovator and a great humanist. 

Living with Lyme

Information on Lyme disease is scarce. Problems with diagnosis and lack of adequate treatment in conventional medicineThe main reasons for this are also due to the controversies that have been introduced into the scientific community and society about the disease.

The Foundation aims to to provide an objective, realistic and verified view of Lyme diseasesymptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Biosalud Day Hospital has commented on numerous occasions that there is no unified monitoring of Lyme cases, neither between countries nor between autonomous communities. However, at SOS Lyme we want to contribute a overview of Lyme in Europe and to reflect the reality of the disease as data becomes available.

Other Lyme-related objectives of the Foundation

The Dr. Ángel Bueno Gracia - SOS Lyme Foundation, in addition to informing and disseminating information, wants to set in motion scientific research and to cooperate with different administrations and bodies to advance the studyThe treatment and support of patients with Lyme disease and other chronic diseases

In addition, the Foundation will provide patient support and assistance servicesSOS Lyme will provide legal support to patients and families when their rights are violated and will implement actions to improve the well-being of people with Lyme, chronic and autoimmune diseases and rare diseases, as well as their families and caregivers. Among others, SOS Lyme will promote legal support for patients and families when their rights are violated.

The prevention is another important aspect The aim is to make progress, as it may be the best measure against Lyme.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

4 thoughts on “Un apoyo para los pacientes de Lyme”

  1. Hello, my name is Elizabeth Lagos Fibla and I live in Chile's second region in the commune of TALTAL and for a long time now I have had serious health problems. 4 or 5 years ago I was bitten by a tick (I remembered it recently) and from that time until now I have not improved, I have very severe rheumatoid arthritis, damage to my kidneys and liver and I was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 2. And I have not improved at all, prednisone helps me but it plays havoc with the diabetes. I have been reading about this disease and I have clear symptoms. Sometimes I can't move, I'm very delicate and I take strong medicines, I take an injection for arthritis and it's called Enbrel etarnecep, it helped me the first 16 months but it doesn't help me much anymore, so they increased my dose. Please, I need your help.

    • Hello Elisabeth, our medical team assesses each case on a personalised basis. We have sent an email to your email address. For privacy reasons, we would be grateful if we could keep in touch with you through this channel.

  2. Hello good day, my nephew has Lyme however he can't access the treatment so easily, he can't get the medicine and it is very expensive. We are from Mexico.
    Thank you very much

    • Hello, we would like to inform you that we are in Spain (Zaragoza and Madrid), and we carry out personalised treatments from our clinics. We recommend that you contact our patient care team and our medical team through the form on our website.

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