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How long does Lyme disease last?

One of the questions that plague those affected by this syndrome is how long Lyme disease lasts. Based on our experience as a clinic specialising in this insect bite infection, we have to answer that the duration of Lyme disease varies greatly depending on when the patient is found to have contracted Lyme disease. That's why we always recommend a quick diagnosis, in one of the early stages of Lyme. If not treated properly, it can become chronic, but with effective treatment, many patients are cured within a relatively short period of time.

Stages of Lyme disease

The symptoms of Lyme disease vary according to the stage of infection. In the early localised phase erythema often appears migransThe tick bite is a reddish round or oval shape around the area of the tick bite. On the early disseminated phase other symptoms such as headache and muscle aches, and a feeling of fatigue begin to appear. Finally, in the late disseminated phaseIn addition to intense and persistent fatigue, liver disorders and heart problems may occur.

Chronic Lyme disease

In the case of the Chronic Lyme has its own distinguishing symptoms. Some symptoms of chronic Lyme disease are non-specific but others are more localised. In the locomotor system, there is chronic inflammation and even pain in the muscles and joints, to some extent disabling. In the neurological system there are alterations in sensitivity, incoordination and mental problems.. Eventually there is memory loss, lack of concentration, swollen brain and neuralgia.

Is there a cure for Lyme disease?

The treatment of Lyme disease at Biosalud Day Hospital is complex due to the immune deficiency of those affected and the high accumulation of neurotoxins in the body. The combination of natural anti-infection techniques, antibiotics and biological medicine. are the best way to bring the patient to a cure. When necessary, other treatments such as molecular hyperthermia, oxythermia or body hyperthermia are applied.

We would like to say goodbye and regret that we are unable to give an exact answer to the question of how long Lyme disease lasts but there are many variables that come into play and the duration varies depending on the patient's own factors such as age, lifestyle and, above all, the time at which the diagnosis is made.

We always recommend make a diagnosis as soon as possible in order to apply the treatment as soon as possible after the tick bite. If you have any doubts or suffer from any of the symptoms described, please contact us at Biosalud Day Hospital to consult with a healthcare professional who specialises in Lyme disease patients.

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