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Chronic Lyme, what happens if the disease is left untreated?

Chronic Lyme and its treatment

Lyme disease is becoming increasingly well known, however, neither its long-term effects nor its more complex version, Lyme disease, are known. Chronic Lyme.

The Lyme disease is an infection which is transmitted by the bite of a tick infected by the bacterium borrelia. If not detected early, it can lead to a number of different health problems and become chronic and severe Lyme. Problems in finding an accurate diagnosis and the behaviour of the disease itself mean that this lack of detection is frequent.

What are the health problems associated with Lyme disease?

Ticks can attach to any part of the body and, because of their size, we are unlikely to notice them - they can be as small as the head of a pin. They are usually found in creased and moist areas of the skin such as the armpits or groin.

If the bacteria have been transmitted to you borrelia and you have the infection, one of the symptoms is a rash or red spot at the site of the bite.. Next to the  erythema migransOther symptoms such as fever, chills, joint pain, etc. may also occur.

This situation occurs in the early stage of the disease, the Early LymeHowever, symptoms do not always appear, and as the infection progresses through the body without treatment, the body deteriorates further and the symptoms, when they appear, are already indicative of a chronic and serious disease.

The Lyme diagnosis It is easy, therefore, when we know that we have been bitten by a tick, and we also have the above-mentioned symptoms, or fever and headache in the acute phase. However, this is not the most common situation and this is when the problem begins for patients: no diagnosis and a great lack of knowledge of this disease in medicine, the route of specialists and misdiagnoses - multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus...-.  can last up to two yearsThis is a precious time to control the effects of Lyme on the body. During this period, the patient's quality of life can be seriously impaired.

Symptoms of chronic Lyme

This evolution towards chronic Lyme means that the bacterium has already spread throughout the body. - therefore, it is called multi-systemic multi-infection syndromeThe manifestations of the disease can affect all organs and systems of our body. On the other hand, we speak of post-treatment Lyme syndrome when, after early Lyme with diagnosis and antibiotic treatment, symptoms of pain, fatigue or difficulty concentrating persist for at least six months after treatment has ended.

Chronic Lyme Treatment

How can integrative medicine help in the treatment of chronic Lyme?

The integrative medicine brings together the advantages of conventional medicine and natural medicine, taking advantage of all the benefits of both. In the treatment of Chronic Lymeantibiotic treatment is a priority but, while acting to eliminate borrelia and other co-infections, the organism must be repaired. to the extent that it has been affected.

The nervous and digestive systems, but also the musculature, among others, are the main targets of the bacteria.. Many patients are bedridden or on a very limited diet because their body is unable to assimilate what they eat. In each case, the symptoms and the extent of the infection are different, and therefore, the integrative medicine is so effective.

On the one hand, by the approach to patient care, taking into account the globality of the patient's needs, and on the other hand, by the way in which the patient is treated. symptoms caused by lymeOn the other hand, integrative medicine provides natural treatments without side effects, allowing the antibiotic to work while improving the patient's quality of life.

For years, natural medicine has been relegated to the background in favour of conventional medicine as the sole treatment. While it is true that conventional medicine has had an immense positive impact on our quality of life, we have forgotten that we can complement it with other treatments to achieve a better quality of life. integral treatment against many diseases and, in the medium term, a style of life that is healthy living.

These treatments focus on global aspects of the individual such as physiological, psychological and nutritional aspects. We must bear in mind that a bad health or the ability to contract diseases, is due to multiple factors, among which are the poor eating and behavioural habits. This situation eventually leads to a weakening of our immune system.

In our centre of integrative medicine in Zaragoza and MadridWe offer patients a comprehensive treatment, combining both specialties, to achieve an optimal level of health. health. We believe that this is the most effective way to fight any ailment, particularly when they become chronic and incapacitating, as is the case with the Chronic Lyme.

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