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Lyme disease and pregnancy

Lyme disease is proliferating in our country and more and more people are affected. In the case of women, a new concern has arisen: what happens when the disease overlaps with Lyme disease? Lyme disease and pregnancy? These questions will be answered in the following paragraphs. It is best to implement the treatment for Lyme disease and try to overcome the disease beforehand, but there are times when this is not possible. For those clinical cases, we are going to unpack the influence of this syndrome with the foetus, the pregnant woman and what other ancillary or derived problems may appear a posteriori.

Development of pregnancy with Lyme disease

During the nine months of pregnancy it is important to take extra precautions. Firstly, it must be said that the Lyme disease can even be dangerous for the baby itselfas it may cause you to neurological problems both mother and child in formation. In severe cases, it may affect the spinal cord and the cardiovascular system of the foetus. It seems obvious, after mentioning the possible problems associated with Lyme during pregnancythat precautions need to be increased. The treatment will also need to be adaptedThere are methods that are not recommended for a pregnant mother.

Is Lyme disease spread during pregnancy?

As we have explained in the two paragraphs above, the Lyme disease during pregnancy requires extra caution and it is important to be vigilant. especially in case of a tick bite during pregnancy. The mode of infection is not at all different from a possible contagion of an ordinary adult. It occurs with the bite of a tick, mosquito or flea infected with the bacterium Borrellia burgdorferi.

Therefore, our recommendation as practitioners is to use natural insect repellents y avoid walking in wetlands or forests at times close to sunrise and sunset. It is also important to wear long, light-coloured trousers when walking on narrow paths or in tall grassy meadows.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we are specialists in treating Lyme disease and apply effective treatments thanks to the training of our medical staff. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant and you suffer from any of the following symptoms common symptoms of Lyme disease, such as headaches, joint or muscle pain or fatigue... Make an appointment in our clinic to test for Lyme infection prior to the beginning of the months of pregnancy. It is much safer for both the pregnant mother and the foetus.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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