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Discover all the benefits of INUSpheresis®.

Discover all the benefits of INUSpheresis®.

The INUSpheresis® is an evolution of therapeutic apheresis and is a patented medical procedure with a multitude of benefits which we will develop in the following paragraphs. Nowadays, with the increase in the number of patients with autoimmune diseases and the higher concentration of environmental pollution, the INUSpheresis® is the perfect treatment to reduce the effects and symptoms of many pathologies, thus improving the patient's quality of life.

What is INUSpheresis®?

Before describing the concrete benefits provided by INUSpheresis®We proceed to explain this therapeutic process, which is carried out by means of an extracorporeal circulation in which the patient's blood is purified. The aim is to eliminate pathogenic agents and other toxic substances that remain in the bloodstream after exposure to a chemical or simply by living in a city with a high volume of traffic or other pollutants.

It is carried out with the supervision of a professional team and high-tech machinery is used during the process. The treatment consists of 2 consecutive sessions (lasting 2 and 3 hours) separated by 48 hours. In the intervening period, toxins are mobilised with intravenous fluids. Prior to the process, analytical tests are carried out to make a customised programme and the patient is advised to drink plenty of water to facilitate the proper execution of the INUSpheresis® method.

The lack of side effects of plasmapheresis and the high degree of tolerance make it a highly recommended treatment. In addition, it has been tested in multitude of clinical studies its efficacy against a large number of chronic pathologies.

Benefits of INUSpheresis®

The benefits of INUSpheresis® include the removal of cytokines and inflammatory proteins, as well as defective proteins that damage cells, organs and other elements of the human body in its double filtration of plasma. It also acts against immunocomplexes and immunoglobulins, mycotoxins, and removes heavy metals, chemicals such as pesticides or microplastics, virus fractions, excess cholesterol and radioactive substances following poisoning or exposure to a source of ionising radiation.

The most notable benefit is that experienced by people with chronic pathologies and autoimmune diseases as the rheumatoid arthritisthe Hashimoto's thyroiditisIt can also be used to minimise the risk of allergies, polyneuropathies or other immune system-related ailments. It also serves to minimise side effects of the COVID vaccine - 19 or cytokines generated by coronavirus infection.

Another, no less important, benefit is that it is a process that does not require the patient's admission, but rather that he/she can return home, even by travelling a certain distance, although it is recommended that he/she refrain from driving a car.

At the end of the process, the eluate is obtained, which is a liquid that contains all the elements that have been filtered out in the intelligent membraneThe toxin-free human body begins to function normally and our health professionals will analyse in detail what toxins may have caused the patient's symptoms and discomfort. The toxin-free human body begins to function normally and our health professionals will analyse in detail which toxins may have caused the patient's symptoms and discomfort.

At BioHealth Day Hospital we are specialists in the patented INUSpheresis® treatment and advise patients on this bloodstream filtering process. This system will help them to improve their situation as patients with chronic or autoimmune diseasesThe use of the product can help to remove toxins from the environment at a faster rate, minimising the effects they have on the tissues of the human body.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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