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Allergy caused by DAO enzyme


An allergy or intolerance can cause many problems. With a proper analysis, we can find out if the symptoms coincide with specific health problems such as a deficiency or overactivity of an enzyme. The enzyme DAO, which can cause a disturbance in the metabolism of food histamine, is increasingly being monitored.

The DAO enzyme IS one of the enzymes with which we "do" digestion. and metabolises histamine. It acts as a neurotransmitter hormone whose main function is to regulate the production of gastric acid, as well as helping to balance the biological rhythm of sleep and control the desire to eat. However, it is related to allergic problems when it is decompensated or does not function normally.

How is the enzyme DAO obtained?

This substance is obtained by two processes within your body. The endogenous histamine has a regulatory job in the body and acts in a specific way. You create it. In contrast, the exogenous You get it from certain foods and you excrete it naturally in your urine (metabolised by the enzyme DAO).

What is the problem if DAO enzymes are not working properly?

If we do not produce or metabolise histamine on a regular basis as a result of a enzyme deficiency who works itIn the blood, a large amount of this substance accumulates from what we eat every day. This can lead to allergies and intolerances of various kinds, most notably those related to the feeding or the skin.

Intolerance and health problems associated with deficits or overactivity

When the histamines are not being metabolised correctly, you may start to notice different symptoms. Among the most frequent, we can highlight the following:

- Severe headache (almost 90 % of deficit patients suffer from it).

- Problems in the digestion (colic, recurrent vomiting, etc.).

- Difficulties in breathe (feeling short of breath).

- Muscle aches and pains and body fatigue.

Another aspect that has been observed in the latest studies is that many ADD patients (attention deficit disorder) experience a low level of the enzyme DAO. However, studies are still ongoing to look for possible causes and to try to provide solutions for patients with ADHD. DAO deficiency in their analyses.

Some of the things you can do if you suffer from any of these problems are:

- Adequate food. The less exogenous histamine-laden products you consume, the better you will feel. Your blood will not accumulate as much histamine and, consequently, it will circulate better. Avoid cheeses (semi-cured or cured), fats, processed or prefabricated foods, alcohol and some foods that contain histamine. foods rich in histaminesuch as cucumber, aubergine, tomato or cabbage.

Supplementation. This extra food can help you to increase your DAO level. It is a nutritional supplement that only contains the enzyme that you are missing or lacking. Under no circumstances does it replace food, it only helps you to metabolise it in the correct way.

In short, don't forget that it is important to make you health examinations to help you find solutions to potential problems. By means of a analytics blood tests, such as the ones we can do with Biosalud Análisis you can get the information you need to put an end to the negative consequences on your organism of a allergy or a intolerance. For this reason, watch your diet and follow professional criteria when taking care of yourself - you will live a healthier and happier life!

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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