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Find out how you should eat based on your genetics


One of the aspects that we consider to be most important in Biosalud Day Hospital is that of food. The colloquial phrase "we are what we eat"is a factual truth and a large part of the health conditions we humans suffer from stem from our eating habits. The pathologies that are a direct consequence of diet may be the result of an unhealthy diet or because we are eating foods that our bodies are not metabolising properly. This is why it is so important to analyse well what we eat.

All the information related to this matter is reflected in our genetic code, which contains the information about how each person should be nourished and about which foods are appropriate for our development, growth or healing.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we carry out a FoodGEN test to obtain this information. This test is the quickest and most useful way of finding out in how food affects a person's digestive system and the rest of your body.

Nutritional analysis of your DNA

With a simple analysis, the patient has all the information and will know which foods he or she should try to avoid in order to prevent possible ailments in the future. With the FoodGEN test, we select 20 genes from each person to obtain a individualised analysis at the genetic level. This provides us with valuable information about what a person should and should not eat.

For example, through this analysis we will find out if the person suffers from gluten or milk protein intolerance. We can even determine what quantities of a particular food are recommended... or what vitamins or minerals will help a person to be at their optimum state of physical and mental strength. From the results obtained, we offer some nutritional recommendations The report also includes advice on how to lose weight or eat well if you are a keen sportsman or woman, or if you have a sensitivity to refined carbohydrates, a sensitivity to saturated fats or even a hypothetical caffeine intolerance. We also include in the report advice on how to lose weight or how to eat well if you are a keen sportsman or woman.

In addition, as it is a analysis of the genetic codeIt is only necessary to perform it once and will help to prevent pathologies for the rest of the patient's life. It is best done when the patient is still a child, but it can be tested at any age, in order to make use of the information from now on.

How is a FoodGEN analysis carried out?

The first step is to take a sample from inside the mouth. This part of the process is carried out either at our hospital or at the patient's home with a kit designed for this purpose.

Only three weeks after the FoodGEN test, the patient receives an e-mail with an explained and detailed report. Of course, it also includes our recommendations for the new dietas well as the list of foods to avoid.

Ask a non-binding question at Biosalud Day Hospital if you need more information and make an appointment for your FoodGEN test.


Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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