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What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy

Ozone as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, revitalising and regenerating agent

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere. But the ozone we will be referring to is medical ozonewhich it is not pure ozone, but mixed with oxygen. The ozone therapyThe use of ozone for curative purposes must be applied with high precision equipment and a medical oxygen cylinder.

Ozone, generating equipment

The initial treatment that doctors advise for many musculoskeletal diseases characterised by pain, such as osteoarthritis of the knee, is anti-inflammatory drugs. Since these are chronic diseases, the tendency should be to avoid the prolonged application of these anti-inflammatory drugs. Therefore, ozone therapy is a very efficient solution to treat inflammation and pain without the need for surgery or the regular use of medication. This is because ozone is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Ozone therapy in a broad sense is any form of administration of ozone into the body for therapeutic purposes.. One of its most frequent applications is in cases of knee and hip osteoarthritis. It involves the intra-articular administration of ozone (a gas consisting of three oxygen atoms) directly into the area to be treated.. It reduces symptoms in the short and medium term by continuously reducing pain, preserving mobility and reducing functional disability.. Applied once a week, the use of ozone for the treatment of pain achieves results from the initial stages.

ozone, effective for pain

People with hypertension or diabetics can also be treated with ozone therapy, without their blood pressure and glucose levels being altered. In young people who often do sport and have injuries in the locomotor apparatus, in the joints, ozone is applied to reduce pain and improve movement. The treatment in these cases consists of the combined application of ozone and growth factors of platelet origin, which achieves surprising results.

Medical studies support the efficacy of intra-articular ozone for the relief of secondary chronic pain.

At Biosalud, we have been using ozone in rheumatology and musculoskeletal diseases for quite some time.

Ozone is also a gas revitalising. In fact, ozone is a revitalising and energising agent par excellence. In addition, helps us to fight free radicals and is therefore used as an anti-ageing medicine technique.

When ozone is administered in low concentrations, the body's own resistance is mobilised, i.e. the ozone layer (re)activates the immune system.

In response to this activation through the ozone layer, the body's immune cells produce special messengers called cytokines (including important mediators such as interferons). These inform other cells of the immune system, which triggers a cascade of positive changes in the entire immune system, which is stimulated to resist diseases, for example. This means that the application of medical ozone is extremely useful for immune activation in patients with a low immune status and/or immune deficit.

ConsequentlyIn this way, small amounts of ozone applied in what is called Grand Autohemotherapy (external treatment of the patient's blood before reinfusion) activate the body's own antioxidants.

Mariano Bueno explains it very well this video about the Great Autohemotherapy

Regenerative effect of ozone

Ozone kills viruses, germs, bacteria and moulds. Ozone connects with the existing unsaturated fatty acids and forms biologically active ozonide groups which have an oxidising effect on the cell layer of the bacteria. The good cells are not damaged; on the contrary, they receive very good energy nutrition. Ozone is a kind of super oxide which not only has sterilising effects, but also initiates the metabolism and blood supply.

Some general practitioners already use these methods while treating severe wound healing defects. Ozone is a good alternative medicine to antibiotics. Since antibiotics are currently prescribed when even a small trace of bacterial infection occurs, the body gradually becomes resistant to the drugs. No resistance has been found so far against ozone therapy..

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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  1. Me gustaria me enviaran informacion de su uso en tratamiento para lupus eritomatoso sistemico,,,y los lugares mas cercanos donde puedamos acudir que sea seguro...mi lugar de residencia es en tultepec centro, agradeceria mucho si me pudieran dar esta informacion,,,,gracias

  2. I am a traumatologist interested in starting ozone therapy. Could you help me to get information on how to start this therapy? Where to buy the machine or how to acquire training?

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