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Celebrities suffering from Lyme disease

Lyme disease has increased in the number of diagnoses because ticks are proliferating. This has meant that, purely as a statistic, some ticks have been celebrities suffering from Lyme disease have reported having the infection. Even if it is unwanted, these celebrities contribute to raising the profile of this pathology, which results from an infection after being bitten by a tick. In the following paragraphs we will mention the list of celebrities who have suffered from it (Avril Lavigne, Ben Stiller, Bella Hadid, Thalia, Jorge Fernández, Richard Gere, Laia Sanz, former US President George W. Bush or Alec Baldwin among other examples), detailing in detail some of the most famous cases.

Avril Lavigne and Lyme

One of the most talked-about cases is that of Avril Lavigne and LymeShe contracted the condition in 2014 and five years later told her fans that it had even led her to "accept death" as an option. The Lyme is a potentially fatal disease and when someone contracts Lyme disease it is important to consult with Lyme disease specialists to avoid not only eventual death, but other serious consequences or long-lasting sequelae. Avril described that time in her life as one of the scariest times of her life, a time when she was bedridden.

Justin Bieber and Lyme

Justin Bieber and Lyme are also two words that have been sadly linked, and even more so in recent years. This illness has forced him to cancel some of his events and concerts, which has affected his professional career. Undoubtedly, this is yet another case of great international importance that demonstrates that the tick bites does not discriminate. We wish the singer a full recovery in the coming months so that we can continue to enjoy his voice and dances without interruption and in full energy.

Spanish celebrities with Lyme disease

Spanish celebrities such as Jorge Fernández and Laia Sanz have also suffered from Lyme disease. Jorge Fernandez and Lyme disease They lived together for years and this caused him to lose up to 10 kilos. The illness was aggravated by a case of mercury poisoning.

Lyme disease and Laia Sanz  also coexisted for a few years because the motorbike rider who competed in the Dakar noticed severe migraines and swollen lymph nodesThis led him to undergo a check-up, where he discovered that he had the disease.

Lyme cases in Spain

The cases of Lyme are on the rise in Spain and between 2005 and 2020 about 2000 confirmed cases have been reported. Climate change is affecting the incidence of vector-borne diseases, such as Lyme diseaseand the increased contact with the natural environment with the popularisation of activities such as trekking make Spaniards more exposed to tick bites.

Lyme specialists in Spain

At Biosalud we are Lyme disease specialists in Spain and our doctors have a wealth of experience in detecting and treating the disease. We have created a treatment for Lyme disease with which we have obtained a high success rate among our patients. We hope that this information about celebrities with Lyme disease has served to normalise somewhat this disease, which should be treated quickly to avoid complications.

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