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Antibiotics to treat Lyme disease


Treatments for Lyme disease are varied, but at Biosalud Day Hospital we have opted for a personalised treatment tailored to the patient. In some cases, we use antibiotics for Lyme disease because, combined with other biological medicine treatments, they can be very effective in overcoming this infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.

The antibiotics against Lyme disease are a quick and effective way of tackling this pathology when it has spread through the body, following the bite of a tick infected by the Borrelia bacteria mentioned above.

When to use antibiotics to cure Lyme?

In the following paragraph we will try to explain when antibiotics are used and which ones are most commonly used, as well as the results of their use. The antibiotic treatment of Lyme is a shock therapy lasting 2 to 4 weeks, with intravenous serum antibiotics, draining elements and specific activators of the patient's immune system.

In the second week of the treatment for Lyme diseaseAs part of this shock therapy, oral antibiotic treatment is started and, finally, oral antibiotics are re-introduced as part of the home treatment three weeks later.

Natural treatment for Lyme disease

Another option to beat this tick-borne disease is to use the natural treatment offered by Biosalud.  And, depending on each patient, at Biosalud we apply treatments with biological medicine and antibiotics as a complement, but in other cases we just prescribe natural anti-infective treatments.

This is determined by the patient's medical history, analytical controls and the patient's evolution since contracting the disease. No two cases are completely the same and it is a matter of applying treatment ad hoc that allows us to achieve the patient's healing objectives and full recovery in the shortest possible time.

If you suspect you may have the disease by noticing any of the usual symptoms such as severe headaches or swollen lymph nodes, or if you have been in contact with tick-inhabited areas, it is best to have a tick health check. Lymecheck blood tests. Once diagnosed, in Biosalud Day Hospital we will design the treatment of antibiotics for Lyme disease The most appropriate treatment for the patient, or the natural treatment combined with biological medicine that will help us to achieve a definitive cure.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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