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Is Lyme disease sexually transmitted?

Lyme disease is of increasing concern to the medical community because of its rising incidence, especially over the last decade. In the face of an avalanche of diagnoses, one of the debates that has arisen is whether or not the disease should be diagnosed. Lyme disease is sexually transmitted. or not, and under what conditions such contagion can occur. There are several opposing positions and arguments on this issue, defended by medical institutions, and in this article we have decided to approach it from an equidistant perspective, presenting both points of view, so that each reader can draw his or her own conclusions after reading all the information.

 Is Lyme spread through sexual contact?

Sexually transmitted diseases have been on the agenda setting of the mass media since the end of the 20th century but have existed since the dawn of humanity. The spread of certain pathologies such as the AIDS virus or hepatitis C generated a great deal of uncertainty among people with a sexually active life.

On the one hand, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers that there is no evidence to support the possibility of Lyme being sexually transmitted. They have conducted research but have not obtained data pointing to this as a possible route of transmission.

Opposite is Marianne Middelveenwhich published a study in the Journal of Investigative Medicine which concluded that Lyme could be sexually transmitted: serological tests of vaginal secretions and semen from Lyme sufferers were positive for Lyme infection.

On the other hand, BCA Clinic says that "transmission is possible as the spirochete shares many characteristics with Treponema Pallidum, the microbe that causes syphilis" which, together with the adaptability of the Borrelia bacteria, makes it impossible to rule anything out.

Human-to-human transmission of Lyme disease

The transmission of Lyme disease between people has not been proven and, as a general rule, when several members of a family have the disease, it is because they have been in contact with the insects infected by the disease. Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. There are no proven studies yet, but it is suspected that Lyme could be transmitted by blood.

However, it is really difficult for that to happen in a cohabitation with a flatmate, a friend or a co-worker.

We hope that this backgrounder on the possibility of the Lyme is sexually transmitted I hope you have found it useful. In any case, diseases should be treated as soon as possible and if you are suffering from any symptoms our recommendation is to fill in the Lyme disease test.

If the result of the questionnaire indicates the possibility of having been infected by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferiIf you have any questions, our recommendation is that you ask for a consultation with our medical staff and they will prescribe you the Lyme treatment appropriate to the stage of the pathology if the diagnosis is confirmed. positive diagnosis. At Biosalud Day Hospital we are specialists in Lyme disease and we have many successful cases in which our patients have completely beaten the disease.

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