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Tratamiento natural Síndrome de Aerotóxico Madrid

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What is Aerotoxic Syndrome?

It is a set of respiratory and neurological symptoms which have their origin in the relatively frequent contact with airborne toxics in the air of the commercial aircraft cabins, as it comes from the engines of the aircraft itself and contains high amounts of chemicals mainly from synthetic oils used in turbines and compressors. These chemicals are used as antioxidants, lubricants, flame retardants, etc., such as organophosphate pesticides, especially tricresyl phosphates (TCP) and PBDEs.

Although cases have been reported since 1999, it is a little known but growing condition that requires specialised expertise for diagnosis and treatment.

The people affected are mainly airline flight personnel (maintenance technicians, flight attendants and pilots), frequent flyers who fly at least 2 flights per week and occasionally vulnerable people travelling by air such as patients with serious chronic diseases, pregnant women or children.

Acute or chronic symptoms of Aerotoxic Syndrome

The acute symptoms are of the type neurological: headaches, difficulty in memorising or concentrating, dizziness or dizziness, convulsions, tremors, panic attacks... These symptoms are sometimes compounded by symptoms of the respiratory such as cough, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, etc.

They also sometimes appear gastrointestinal disorders, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. Muscle aches and pains. Skin rash or itching. Fatigue. Sudden rise in blood pressure.

In the chronic cases signs of brain tissue degeneration, surface antineuronal antibodies and cognitive impairment at various levels, as well as depression and/or anxiety are detected.

It is very important when detecting these symptoms and belonging to one of the affected risk groups to consult a specialist in Aerotoxic Syndrome in order to make an accurate diagnosis and establish an appropriate treatment protocol.

The importance of prevention in Aerotoxic Syndrome

Obviously, the most effective measure is to change the laws that affect the causes. Urgent regulation of the limits on the amount of chemicals that can be contained in the air in an air cabin has been needed for years.

In addition, it is essential to disseminate the causes and symptoms of this syndrome among the public and professionals and to avoid the permanent silence on this subject on the part of those affected.

Treatment of Aerotoxic Syndrome

One of the first measures is to follow the guidelines of the Environmental Medicine and improve daily habits with a healthy lifestyle, free of chemical pollutants and with a balanced and natural diet.

At Biosalud Day Hospital we apply a intensive and regular treatment with detoxification cures, Glutathione serums and specific draining substances for this type of chemical. We complement this treatment with oral liposomal Glutathione and melatonin to protect brain tissue. We also recommend frequent sauna under control.

In addition, the INUSpheresis® has been shown to be the most effective system to completely cleanse the affected tissues of all such chemicals in Aerotoxic Syndrome due to its efficacy as a treatment by filtering the chemicals contained in blood. The analysis of the eluate containing all of the filtrate allows scientific proof of the high efficacy of the procedure.

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