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Lyme test results

The result of the test that you have sent us indicates that there is a high degree of probability that your Lyme disease diagnosis will be positive.

We recommend that you have specific tests for Lyme disease which, together with your medical history, will provide an accurate diagnosis.


Testing for Lyme-associated co-infections is a first step towards the Lyme diagnosis. The symptoms you suffer from are associated with infections caused by bacteria such as Ehrlichia, Babesia or Rickettsia, as well as their intensity and frequency, The results of a Lyme diagnosis can help guide us as to how likely we are to be diagnosed with Lyme.

When we talk about Lyme disease, the early detection is very importantThis pathology is aggressive and its chronification can seriously deteriorate the organism, making it more difficult to treat.

In order to find the right treatment, we recommend that you have the appropriate analytical tests. Be aware that Lyme is a difficult disease to diagnose. and only specific analyses, together with a clinical history taken by specialists in this pathology, will give us the precise information needed for diagnosis.

The efficacy of Lyme disease treatment may be compromised by the evolution of the disease. The Chronic Lyme deteriorates the organism at the motor and neurological level, while at the same time it attacks all the organs of the body.s, which is why early detection is so important.

If you want to know more about the Lyme diseaseIf you have any questions, we recommend that you read the following information:


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