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Lyme test results

From the result of the test you sent us it is not concluded that you may have Lyme disease.


However, by the characteristics of their symptoms we recommend that you contact our specialists in order to be able to make a further clinical studyespecially if symptoms persist or evolve

Be aware that Lyme is a difficult disease to diagnose and only a few people are able to diagnose Lyme disease. specific analyses together with the medical history prepared by specialists in this pathology, will give us the precise information for its diagnosis.

The efficacy of Lyme disease treatment may be compromised by the progression of the disease. The Chronic Lyme deteriorates the organism at the motor and neurological level, It also attacks all organs, which is why early detection is so important.

If you want to know more about Lyme disease, we recommend that you read the following information:


More information about Lyme

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