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Especialistas en de Inducción iónica Pampimi en Zaragoza

Reference centre for Papimi therapy

Papimi, ion induction therapy

At Biosalud Day Hospital we are committed to the latest technology aimed at finding solutions to the health problems of the patients who place their trust in us. For this reason we add Papimi to our clinics in Spain.

It is an advanced ionic induction therapy device that works with high frequency electromagnetic fields and non-contact energy that allows us to directly treat the symptoms associated with a large number of pathologies.

The method Papimi is an original by Prof. Dr. Pappas and its benefits have already been discussed at various international medical exhibitions, it has been included among the main therapies of elite sports clubs and, of course, it has successfully passed all European laws and standards.

For the patient, this ion induction treatment has proven effective in addressing the causes and eliminating the symptoms of a wide range of diseases. The Papimi therapy is universally applicablenaturally regulates cells weakened by disease and injury and recharges them by stimulation generated by the ion induction field to raise them to their healthy voltage potential.

Once the cell is no longer weakened, regulatory processes are resumed, trace elements are exchanged and the corresponding energy molecules are produced.

With Papimi therapy we treat...

Physiotherapeutic medicine

Sports medicine and rehabilitation

Integrative medicine

Papimi increases your well-being

Our highly specialised staff will advise you and solve all the doubts you may have about Papimi, but we can give you an essential piece of information: the Papimi method has shown an efficacy of 95% in symptom improvementaccording to a study by the Physikalisches Institut Leopoldau.

On the other hand, specialists from the Institut für ambulante Rehabilitatión and the Schmerzreduktion und Physiotherapie corroborate a remarkable 74% of success in the treatments that have been addressed with the Papimi medical device.

How does Papimi therapy work?

From Biosalud Day Hospital we are ready to tell you about how Papimi works and use its wide-ranging benefits in the different therapies that we apply in our medical centre. On a more technical level, it is important to point out that it is a high-frequency, high-energy electromagnetic pulse generatorWhat do we want this energy for? So that it penetrates the tissues and reaches the deepest layers. Specifically, it reaches at least 20 cm, which is essential for the therapy to make sense.

Both the intensity and the duration of the pulse and the frequencies to be used with each patient are determined by the medical team and are managed at all times by the specialists via the Papimi controls. We emphasise that the application of the therapy is non-invasive.

Opinions about Papimi

The best assessment of this revolutionary treatment will come when you trust us to deal with your symptoms. In the meantime, take advantage of the opportunity to consult all the studies available on their corporate website, where you can discover a wealth of information and the opinions on Papimi from the authors themselves.

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