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IV World Congress of ozone therapy in Rome

IV World Congress of ozone therapy in Rome

These days the 4th World Congress on ozone therapy is being held in ancient medical practice that has recently been brought together with the growing interest of the scientific community, both to the users it is aimed at. Three days of meetings and debates to talk about the use and benefits of this therapeutic modality - discovered in Germany by Von Siemens in 1847 - will include professional talks belonging to the SIOOT world, the Italian Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy founded in 1983.

World Congress of ozone therapy in Rome

This event takes place in the beautiful setting of the main auditorium of the Ergife Palace Hotel from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September. It will be the ideal meeting point for ozone physicians and doctors who wish to develop or are familiar with this medical practice. Many topics will be discussed: from vascular and degenerative diseases, through to aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing and dentistry.

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Medical Practice

It is a medical practice that uses two gases: oxygen and nitrogen to cure many diseases.In addition to the already known application in the context of disc herniation, it is also applied in oncology, in the aesthetic and dental field in dementia, and in the treatment of inflammation and pain. The active ingredient is a mixture of oxygen and ozone in very low percentages, administered by insufflation or injection, or as autohaemotherapy, i.e. the removal of a small amount of blood from a vein which is then injected back into a muscle of the same patient. A therapy characterised by low costs and high benefits. And, last but not least, it is a technique that does not involve side effects, being carried out with oxygen, an essential element for the life of our body, which is converted into ozone.

Ozone treatments at Biosalud

Ozone therapy is a medical therapy, belonging to traditional medicine, which makes use of oxygen for the treatment of a large proportion of diseases.

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