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Stress-free, get back to the routine in a balanced way

Stress-free routine

At Biosalud Day Hospital we have developed Medical Wellness programmes to provide wellness and combat the negative effects of work and the current pace of life.

Do you feel sad, sleep deprived, irritable, anxious, restless? Don't worry, these are just some of the symptoms of returning to the work routine after the holidays. Sometimes, after taking a break and being away from work for a few days, you can develop symptoms that, involuntarily, can lead to a lack of sleep, accentuate stress and anxiety, with negative effects not only on your performance, but also on your health.

The stress can become dangerous when it interferes with your ability to lead a normal life over a long period of time, affecting both your mental and physical health, and constituting a trigger for the onset of diseases.  It is likely that, as the months go by, you will be faced with stressful moments that cause you to accumulate tensions. At Biosalud Day Hospital we are aware of the consequences that the demands of work and lifestyle have on your health and we work on prevention and the recovery of deteriorated physical condition.

The Preventive Medicine y Antiaging counteracts these negative effects and is suitable for those who are well and want to improve their quality of life.The aim is to prevent disease and reduce the negative effects of stress and toxicity in the body, caused by lifestyle habits and environmental factors.

Biosalud Day Hospital's programmes to restore health

At Biosalud Day Hospital we have a wide range of programmes that aim to eliminate the consequences of poor diet or lack of sleep that stress can lead to. Our project Medical Wellness Integrative Medicine provides wellbeing and quality of life and is a "tune-up" for our patients through two programmes that help to reduce physical and mental fatigue:

  • The Executive Programme is specially designed for people who lead a very demanding lifestyle (stress, poor diet...) and for those who already notice that they have functional problems (memory problems,...) derived from stress and want to reduce the level of internal deterioration. Its aim is to harmonise the mind-body balance so that they can adapt to the pace of effectiveness and efficiency required on a daily basis.

If this is your case, we will first carry out diagnostic tests and then apply personalised therapeutic techniques based on biological medicine. In addition, if you take part in this programme you will receive some sessions of coaching nutritional.

  • The Anti-Stress programme is, as its name suggests, a treatment to reduce stress and mental fatigue in people who are exhausted by excessive activity and who, unable to change their lifestyle, want to prevent the situation from getting the better of them. With this programme, the negative effects of the pace of life on health can be counteracted.

Approach the return with a positive outlook

In any case, at Biosalud we recommend that you approach the return from holidays with a positive outlook.Take advantage of the change to implement a wellness strategy and reinforce it with food supplements to accelerate it.!

At Biosalud we believe that vital nutrition and a varied and adequate diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. That is why this is one of the aspects that we consider in the individualised therapeutic programmes that we carry out. In this way, in addition to health, the objective we pursue is a lifelong change in behaviour, the creation of a habit as opposed to a temporary practice which is stopped as soon as the daily routine changes and which can lead back to a state of illness.

We know that, despite having more time to take care of yourself, holidays are often accompanied by a neglect of healthy habits. Get back into good habits as soon as possible. Because to maintain good health, one of the secrets is to take care of the organism both internally, with the food we eat, and internally, with the food we eat.The programme is based on the use of physical exercise and healthy activities, as well as on the practice of physical exercise and healthy activities.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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