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This is how our patients see us

Patients in Biosalud

At Biosalud Day Hospital we believe that our patients should be our priority. Their wellbeing is our raison d'être and we try not only to offer them the most innovative treatments but also a personalised treatment in which the professionalism and human understanding are the key elements.

We have experienced first-hand improvements that can be explained by the right diagnostics and appropriate therapies, but also by the personal contact that patients receive in our clinic.

When a patient notices that both the doctor and the healthcare staff are concerned, involved and try to convey the information in the most empathetic way possible, it relaxes the patient's mind and everything runs more smoothly. This calmness allows the work to take place in the best possible atmosphere, with a warm treatment and cooperation that goes beyond traditional medicine. Health must be approached from a humanised perspective. and with staff who understand the patient and his or her concerns.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to come to this conclusion and now the human touch forms part of all our treatments, seeking the best results. patient wellbeing as the main objective.

Opinions about Biosalud Day Hospital in Zaragoza

The following is a collection of patient experiences, opinions of Biosaludonline reviews and testimonials that collect opinions about Doctor Mariano Bueno which reinforce the idea that the right way forward is to provide tailor-made and more humane care.

"I am grateful for the treatment I received at all times during my treatment, a misdiagnosis for years gave me a hard time but fortunately Dr. Bueno's team found the solution. Thank you" Review of Mar Y.

"I recommend them !!!! I am being treated with them for chronic Lyme, but they also detected intestinal candidiasis, permeable intestine, Helicobacter Pylori, dysbiosis, heavy metal poisoning and other things. None of these things were found in the Social Security and thanks to them I am now completely free of Lyme, for which I have very little time left. They made the most difficult part of the treatment more bearable and I have very good memories of them. Thank you all for everything!!!" Review of Diva D.C.

"I am delighted with the whole team working here. I started treatment 3 months ago because I had been suffering from fatigue for years without improvement. I had been to a lot of doctors but they couldn't get it right. Not even those abroad. Now I feel full of energy. They found out the cause. I had heavy metal, chemical and mycotoxin poisoning. What luck to have been able to discover this clinic. A 10 to everyone and a lot of thanks from me and my family". Review by Nora S. J.

Here are some of the examples that can be found on the internet by searching for opinions about the Biosalud clinic in Zaragoza and that perfectly define the day to day life of our clinic, where we take care of every detail and where the patient comfort is the main objective.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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