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The medicine that keeps you healthy

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At a time when there is so much talk about strengthening the immune system to take care of our health, we would like to recall the precepts of biological medicine to give "more life to your years and more years to your life".

January and September are months of reflection and the start of personal projects to improve our lives. Doing sport, dedicating more time to the family or starting to study are some of the good resolutions we make. Health is one of our main concerns and the change of habits where we put the most effort.

However, most of the time we find it difficult to change our routines and the effort to lead a healthier life becomes an uphill struggle. But there is a solution and it lies in the biological medicineWe just have to learn to look at health from a global perspective, to understand that our body has a healing force of its own and to take care of all aspects of our life equally: our organism, our emotions and the environment in which we live.

Knowing our state of health is a good place to start.

What is good health? When we have a check-up, what are we looking for? In a healthy person, a medical check-up is a preventive measure.. Proper testing can tell us whether all the elements that make our "perfect machine" work well are balanced and active.

Like explained in this article the World Health Organisation recommends an annual check-up from the age of 60 onwards. A check-up consists of a series of tests which, in conventional medicine, include a blood and urine test, a check of blood pressure and heart function, and an analysis of the respiratory system with chest X-rays and spirometry tests.

A blood test can determine the correct functioning of the cells that make up the blood: those that transport oxygen and those that protect our health. A blood test can also measure parameters such as cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose, among others.

The biological medicine proposes to understand our state of health from four perspectives: functional, structural, biochemical and biophysical tests in addition to the conventional tests, the analysis of the agents that may be contributing to increased toxicity to our health. At a time when allergies and autoimmune diseases are becoming more prevalent, these factors are crucial.

Five guidelines for healthy living

According to the fundamentals of biological medicine, health promotion is based on:

  • The individual involvement of people. Whether we want to be healthy or undergoing medical treatment, people must be active subjects in this vital process. Being aware of our body and making decisions and habits of care will be our best weapon of defence.
  • The use of tll media, conventional and alternativeto maintain or repair our immune system. When we talk about alternative methods, the emphasis is on food - just as it is done from outreach media from universities such as Harvard - and nutrition. In any case, the combination of methods and therapies must always be carried out under medical supervision. Our philosophy rejects alternative therapies without scientific basis and without proven efficacy.
  • The care of all aspects of health: the organism, emotional and spiritual aspects and socialisation and community life.
  • The use, whenever possible, of non-invasive measuress.
  • The support from doctors who listen to us and work with an open mind. The aim is to provide them with answers to the concerns of each patient and to have the specialised expertise required in each case.
Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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