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What if you had heavy metal poisoning?

Heavy metal poisoning

In today's article we are going to explain in detail what is the heavy metal poisoning and what is our HeavymetalsCHECK® heavy metal analysis.

Firstly, the heavy metals are present in the environment and are inoculated into our bodies in small quantities. This may be due to continuous exposure or an abnormality in the natural elimination system. This results in an excessive accumulation of them, and this has a toxicity that should be monitored.

In fact, many pathologies classified as chronic degenerative diseases have their origin in heavy metal toxicity: 82 per cent to be precise; and they are also related to the cancer, erectile dysfunction, memory impairment, anxiety, depressive syndromes, autoimmune diseases and the annoying allergies.

Some of the toxic metals such as lead, silver, mercury, aluminium and arsenic can cause even growth faltering. They are very harmful at an early age.

HeavymetalsCHECK® Heavy Metal Test

Through the test performed on a hair, we determine the level of accumulation of heavy metals in the body, their level of toxicity, and the total mineral reserves of the body. The proportion of mineral elements in the scalp is usually proportional to the concentration of mineral elements in other tissues of the human body. This analytical test has been developed by specialists from Biosalud Day Hospital and allows samples to be taken at home, with results being received two weeks later.

Lack of mineral reserves in our body

With regard to mineral reserves, which are also reflected in the test result, it should be added that the lack of some essential elements also causes problems in the normal functioning of our body, as they are responsible for chemical reactions in our tissues.

To give several examples, the zinc deficiency can cause alopecia, acne and impotence. The copper shortage will lead to increased cholesterol and anaemia, the absence of cobalt or its low presence is responsible for migraines, spasms and poor circulation. Finally, not having magnesium that our body requires will give us depression and provoke anxiety attacks.

Who should be tested for heavy metals?

With all this symptomatologyOur recommendation of the HeavymetalsCHECK® heavy metal test is for people who experience frequent tiredness, fatigue and weakness, as well as depression and anxiety. It is also recommended for people with diseases such as rheumatism, baldness, digestive problems, insomnia or excessive appetite.

With regard to children, it is also recommended to autism and attention deficit syndrome.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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