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What diseases does Lyme mimic?

What diseases does Lyme mimic?

Throughout the summer of 2022, the Lyme disease has been very topical because tick colonies have multiplied in Spain. The disease is contracted when a patient is bitten by a tick infected with the tick bite. bacteria borrelia burgdorferi. This arachnid is found on higher plants, close to paths, to attach itself to the skin of the host, be it an animal or a person. Another source of ticks is farms and stables where livestock are kept.

It is an ailment that has three phases: early localised phase, early dissemination phase and late phase. The symptoms are many and varied and in today's article we are going to tell you about some of them, which are also common to other pathologies. For this reason, among medical professionals, it is known as the great imitator.

Pathologies that cause confusion with Lyme

In the following lines we list the other pathologies that cause such confusion among medical staff, leading to misdiagnosis very often.

Lyme disease can mimic some of the symptoms of Lyme disease, such as those experienced by patients with rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Diagnoses often misdiagnose and label it as an fibromyalgia o amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Some symptoms also conflict with problems detected in patients with autism or those suffering from the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome. Lastly, it is also related to the symptomatology of the lupus, of the Hashimoto's thyroiditisof the ulcerative colitis or the Crohn's disease.

Why is early diagnosis of Lyme disease so important?

For all the reasons explained in the previous paragraphs, it is essential to carry out a early and accurate diagnosis of Lyme diseaseIf a patient suspects or has confirmation of a tick bite, and if a patient suspects or has confirmation that a tick bite has occurred, a blood tests to rule out infection with the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi. If the disease has already been contracted, treatment is much more effective if it is started early on, and also reduces the possible sequelae of the disease. It is very important to tackle the problem quickly and to apply a medical solution to Lyme disease already in the early localised phase.

At Biosalud Day Hospital We are specialists in Lyme disease and perform daily blood tests at our facility. Our medical staff have many years of experience in treating Lyme disease and also have many successful cases of recovery from this tick-borne disease.

Mariano Bueno

Dr. Mariano Bueno and his team

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