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Especialistas en INUSpheresis® en Zaragoza

The only centre of reference in Spain for INUSpheresis® treatment.

What is INUSpheresis® therapeutic apheresis?

INUSpheresis® is a completely new patented medical procedure and represents a drastic evolution of therapeutic apheresis. It is a a high-tech technique, unique in the world, which is carried out by means of an extracorporeal circulation circuit in which blood purification takes place, whereby pathogenic components are extracted and eliminated. causative agents of a disease or its clinical manifestations.

It requires special equipment, unique in the market, a specially trained team and adequate facilities for the correct execution of the procedure.

It is a highly effective treatment, with a high degree of tolerance and has been proven by numerous clinical studies in a large number of chronic pathologies and even for preventive purposes.

INUSpheresis® is not a plasma exchange (plasmapheresis) and does not have the side effects produced by this procedure. It is also not dialysis. This technique filters and removes accumulated harmful substances, not electrolytes or other healthy and necessary components.

Graph of mitochondrial metabolism:

See video for instructions and operation:

What substances do we remove during INUSpheresis®?

In the INUSpheresis® a double filtration of the plasma is carried out by means of a filter with an intelligent membrane that allows us to remove the plasma:

  • Cytokines and inflammatory proteins
  • Defective proteins that damage cells, organs and tissues
  • Immune complexes and excess immunoglobulins in allergy and autoimmune diseases
  • Mycotoxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Chemical products of all kinds (pesticides, plastics, solvents...)
  • Excess cholesterol (in familial hypercholesterolaemia)
  • Remnants and fractions of viruses

As a result of the INUSpheresis® an eluate (filtered liquid) is obtained that contains all substances that have been removed from the patient's blood and its cells and tissues.

How is INUSpheresis® therapeutic apheresis performed?

The INUSpheresis®  requires a specific technology and is therefore carried out in our own Day Hospital in a specially equipped room.

A few days before the treatment is carried out, the patient is given a clear and understandable explanation of the treatment, its benefits, possible side effects and/or contraindications, all of which are set out in the Informed Consent Form.

For the programming of an INUSpheresis treatment cycle® prior analytical tests are necessary so that our Medical Director can programme the specific protocol for each patient with the parameters and standards to be followed by the technical team.

It is necessary that both the day before and the day of the treatment, the patient eats and drinks plenty of water in order to facilitate the proper execution of the technique.

A cycle of INUSpheresis® consists of 2 consecutive sessions, 48 hours apart, and on the intermediate day, various toxin mobilisation techniques are carried out using specific intravenous serums and medium-intensity body hyperthermia (38ºC). Between the first and second session, a phenomenon of osmosis occurs, a migration of harmful substances from the tissues and cells to the patient's blood, further enhanced by the serums and the Hyperthermia. In this way, a very high level of harmful and toxic components is filtered out, often resulting in a significant improvement in the patient's symptoms.

The procedure lasts between 2 and 3 hours and the patient is accompanied at all times by our specialised healthcare staff who carry out the procedure individually for each patient.

After treatment, the patient can return home and even travel, although driving is not recommended.

For which pathologies is INUSpheresis® indicated?

The toxic load we are subjected to through food, groundwater, air pollution and all the chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis constantly puts us at risk. Depending on their genetic make-up, some people have particular difficulty in combating the high toxicity that we accumulate throughout our lives and this can damage our functional systems. Unfortunately, it is not so easy for the body to get rid of these toxins, as they tend to bind to cells and organs.

The benefits of INUSpheresis® are evident, especially with chronic and environmental diseases on the rise in our environment. The list of pathologies for which INUSpheresis® is indicated is very broad. Of particular relevance is the benefit of treatment for all those patients with autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus erythematosus, polyneuropathies, scleroderma, psoriasis, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, etc). and, in general, all the diseases related to the accumulation of environmental toxins, as demonstrated by the work carried out since 2002 by the INUS scientific team, led by Dr. Richard Straube, after more than 25,000 successful and incident-free treatments.

The INUSpheresis® is the only procedure in the world for environmental apheresis. It is an essential therapy at Biosalud Day Hospital as an indispensable part of our causal therapy of any chronic disease.

It has recently been indicated for the elimination of the cytokine storm generated in some severe cases of COVID. which cause severe inflammation and thrombi. Also in the elimination of side effects caused by COVID vaccines. As well as in iAcute poisoning of any kind and substance, including radioactive substances.

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