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Especialistas en ozonoterapia en Zaragoza

Ozone therapy reference centre

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a technique that takes advantage of the properties of ozone to combat the ageingThe treatment is designed to revitalise the body, treat pain, cleanse the arteries of fat, repair damaged tissues, and generally restore the body's balance.

The benefits of ozone therapy are numerous and it is also used in the following ways to stimulate the immune system, oxygenate healthy cells and cleanse the extracellular environment of toxins. This mixture is extremely beneficial if applied in specific and scheduled doses.

Ozone Therapy Applications

Ozone therapy treatment

With ozone therapy, Dr. Mariano Bueno Cortés reactivates all blocked cellular functions, especially at the mitochondrial level, increasing energy production.

When we are asked what is the purpose of the ozone therapyWe can affirm that it is one of the therapeutic techniques more versatile and with indications for more pathologies, covering all specialties.

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